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How to do a split

Splits are the best stretch. Stretching is something you work on slowly, a little every day. The further you stretch the more flexibility you have. Breathing is everything when it comes to stretching – exhale as you extend your reach. Just as meditation and breathing create a release of tension, the same thing happens when it comes to releasing tension in the stretch. Reaching flexibility has tremendous power over your wellbeing.

Okay, so back to the splits. In order to create the flexibility to do a split you start in a kneeling position with both hands on the floor on either side of your right leg. Stretch your left leg back and lift your back knee off the ground. Brace your toes and front part of your foot into the ground as you lift your heel.

Now lean back with your left knee into the ground. Lean forward over your right leg, which is now straight, and make sure your left knee is bent. Your toes are lifted for the stretch, you push back your hips and slowly slide your front foot forward on its heel. Go as far as you can while breathing out long purposeful breaths. Try a little more every day. It is a mind and body movement that increases your flexibility because you are breathing and stretching carefully a little more each time you try it. Please make note: your body is not the same every day. Some days you will move forward easily and other days will be more challenging and it might feel as though you are going backwards, but you are not.

Why test yourself with a split? The reason is, why not. Working out of any kind pushes us to where we can't imagine we can go. But we get there and then we can apply this to whatever we do in life. This is the truest form of empowerment.

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