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Karen Thorne


Class 1 - The Sun

Your sun sign is meant to be who you in the outer world and in also in your career. These signs can be fixed, mutable, or cardinal. Are you cardinal sign? Then you need the freedom to call the shots, and to spark creativity when situations come to a halt Cardinal signs need to have authority, space, autonomy, and the wherewithal to be productive. Mutable signs can actually take any position inter chosen field, as long as - it offers them flexibility and movement, and the opportunities to switch tracks as projects organically grow and expand. Mutable signs often juggle 2 or 3 careers at once! Or are you a fixed sign? These individuals do best when there is order and predictability, and they persevere when lesser minds are ready to throw in the towel. They Their ensure that the status quo is maintained in a way that brings success. Which are you? Which types of career allow you to manifest your gifts, talents, and the opportunity to fulfill your goals and objectives?

Class 2 - The Moon

What is your Moon sign? This is the part of your chart that shows who you truly are in your private life, family life, and and intimate life. If your moon is in Pisces, for example, but in a love relationship you act like your Sun sign instead, which might be Aries, things just don’t work.. You may get what you’re going after, but the path is far from smooth.

Class 3 - The Ascendent

The sun and moon show who you are, and how to act in order to come out on top in your career and private life. But the ascendant is how other people view you in formal or profession settings. It’s the vibration you emanate. Are you emanating your real truth, or are you emanating an image you somehow threw together to survive childhood or an image society and media have thrust upon you?

Class 4 - The North Node

This mathematical point in our solar system shows your mission is in this lifetime. It points the way for you to continue evolving as a soul entity in your journey thru the many lives of reincarnation. . One’s direction or purpose is often confusing and oblique. Why not let the constellations show you how to navigate the path you are meant to be on, just as they have helped sailors since ancient times? But now, not around the ocean’s attitudes and longitudes, but on the psychological and emotional journeys wee have embarked upon

Class 5 - Where is your Mars?

Want to know the luckiest way to get angry? Just look at the sign Mars was in at your time of birth! Mars, the Warrior is the archetype what your real truth is when something goes against your grain - and what your lucky charm is when you need to express yourself in a way that gets you what you want - or at least in a way that makes you feel you manifested your truth! After all, that’s all we are expected to do - to know and be our true selves when trouble comes, knowing it is Sisyphean to try to control the world. That’s not what anger is for. It’s to show us where and how to make changes!