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Barbara Reeder

Explore the ways to tap into your own intuition and guidance using practical simple methods.


Segment 1 - Energy

A brief explanation about energy and the important part it plays in our everyday lives. The value of meditation and quieting the mind to find peace. How to recognize when the messages come in while the mind is quiet. If thoughts are fearful, it’s your mind and ego. When they are hopeful, and positive, you’ve tapped into Spirits messages to you. How to differentiate and work with feelings, hunches and impressions. How to find your safe space of peace and clarity.

Segment 2 - Clearing

How to clear your home and space of negativity, old energy patterning and depressed energy. Practical ways to find the energy flow, the chi, and how to charge it up, using crystals, plants and candles. How to purify your home.

Segment 3 - Psychometry

… How to feel the energy of other people. Discovering how to identify where someone’s energy affects your physical body. You’ll learn how to hold an item and allow the impressions you receive to guide you. Also, how to feel the psychic energy of another person. You may even receive a message to deliver while holding their item. This will work with animals, too!

Segment 4 - Pendulum

How to use a pendulum for divination…How to employ other common household items to gain insight and receive messages from your Guides. You’ll learn little methods to tap into your own psychic ability, and how to thank the Spirits who are assisting you. The pendulum will give you ‘yes and no’ answers and confirm your own intuition or give you the answers you seek from above.

Segment 5 - Self-Attunement

…Why it is so necessary in this world to be in tune with your ‘self’. Employing cymbals, crystals and music to nurture yourself. How to use baths and forest bathing…to feel nature’s effect on the emotions. You’ll discover how to shift your own vibration, and self-nurture when needed to lift your vibration. The importance and necessity of self-care and quiet time is emphasized in this segment.

Segment 6 - White Magic

A bit of ‘White ‘Magic’.
…Manifesting, and how to ‘spell’ it out to your Guides…Using visualization you will learn how to ask properly for what you most desire. You’ll be able to identify and receive the messages that assure you are working in tandem with the divine. How to ask for what you want, get it, and express gratitude to the messengers.