How to Be a (Very) Hot 74

With Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill

She’s gorgeous, lithe, glowy, and full of energy, but never make the mistake of telling designer Norma Kamali she doesn’t look seventy-four. “This is what it looks like,” she said as she folded her long legs into a chair at goop’s Beauty Closet podcast studio. “People think it’s a compliment to say you don’t look your age, but you’d never say, ‘You don’t look Lebanese,’ would you? I want to people to open up about their age—age is not a bad thing.” Listening to Kamali’s strategy for looking and feeling fantastic—it involves alternative therapies aplenty, clean skin care, acupuncture facials, copious exercise, lots of dancing, even more olive oil, and finding her soul mate at sixty-five—is about as inspiring as it gets..

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