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NORMA KAMALI: Indulging in the Adventure of Life

When Norma Kamali visits kids at her high school she encourages them to imagine...How close to your dream can your life be?

Renowned designer, Norma’s extraordinary life is an embodiment of not only realizing our dreams, but continuously expanding them. Her philosophy is an invitation to indulge in the adventure of life. We delve into her book I Am Invincible to explore the physical, mental, and emotional foundations that facilitate our becoming and hear pivotal stories that shaped hers. She shares how she followed her intuition to strike out as a solo designer, and save her soul, in her 20s, say ‘Yes!’ to the spontaneous European olive-oil adventure that spurred her wellness endeavors, and commit to the life cleanse that continues to ignite her creativity.

Norma is an inspiration to embody the courage to pursue the experiences that enliven us. “I am 76 and I’m still dreaming,” she says. “I don’t have deadlines and I don’t have limits.”

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Living a Life in Full


The Invincible Norma Kamali

By Dr. Chris E. Stout

Norma has done some much for others while she lives her life in full, and making the world a better place with her sharing of wisdom, her kindness and her generosity of spirit.

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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Icon Norma Kamali on Aging with Power and Influence

Regardless of your age, this episode is a must-listen. First, Catt talks candidly about the messages she’s gotten about growing older in the entertainment industry and how that has affected her mindset. She’ll share some shocking stories she’s never shared before. Then, she and legendary fashion designer, seventy-five-year-old Norma Kamali talk about tuning in to their power and why alcohol is a no no when it comes to balancing those raging hormones.

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Mood with Lauren Elizabeth


The BEST Advice For Your Twenties, Thirties, And So On...with Norma Kamali

This week I am joined by the coolest woman you'll ever meet - Norma Kamali, one of my favorite fashion designers is 75 years young and has the best advice for us women no matter what decade of our life we're in. We talk about being invincible at every age with healthy habits, connection, and intimacy. You are going to love her!

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Four Courses with Geoffrey Zakarian


Norma Kamali

In this episode of “Four Courses”, Geoffrey Zakarian speaks with his good friend, fashion designer Norma Kamali. Norma shares priceless stories from her 50 years of cultural observation, her thoughts on staying timeless and relevant, and of course, her unique health and wellness tips. Also, Norma outlines the powerful philosophy behind her new book “I Am Invincible”.

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Beyond the Beauty with Bobbi Brown

Beyond The Beauty with Bobbi Brown

Fashion Icon and Wellness Guru Norma Kamal‪i

Norma Kamali has been a fashion designer for over 50 years—and while you've probably seen her famous red bathing suit on Farrah Fawcett and iconic sleeping bag coat, those legendary designs only scratch the surface. Norma is also a wellness expert, an author, the founder of her own skincare line, and so much more. This week, she joins Bobbi to talk about aging with power, finding her soulmate at 65, and how her daily routine works from the inside out to keep her healthy and beautiful.

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How to Be a (Very) Hot 74

With Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill

She’s gorgeous, lithe, glowy, and full of energy, but never make the mistake of telling designer Norma Kamali she doesn’t look seventy-four. “This is what it looks like,” she said as she folded her long legs into a chair at goop’s Beauty Closet podcast studio. “People think it’s a compliment to say you don’t look your age, but you’d never say, ‘You don’t look Lebanese,’ would you? I want to people to open up about their age—age is not a bad thing.” Listening to Kamali’s strategy for looking and feeling fantastic—it involves alternative therapies aplenty, clean skin care, acupuncture facials, copious exercise, lots of dancing, even more olive oil, and finding her soul mate at sixty-five—is about as inspiring as it gets..

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