New Beauty

Norma Kamali’s Beauty Routine Before Special Events

By Liz Ritter

The correct adjective for anything-everything describing Norma Kamali is “ageless” and, as a recent mindbodygreen interview with the iconic designer so succinctly drives it home: “Not to be hyperbolic, but I’d take advice from Norma Kamali on just about anything.”

One of the best beauty takeaways from her go-to list: A little off-the-radar skin-care science for the eternally youthful-looking 77-year-old. “I’m someone who’s always interested in the science behind ingredients before I use it. It was originally used for healing, so it’s incredibly effective at treating and smoothing the texture of the skin. I have found Biopelle’s products to be unbelievably helpful. They have this concentrated product called Tensage Intensive Serum 40 Post Procedure Ampoules ($136)—which are supposed to help repair your skin after a treatment or surgery—and I use them in preparation for a special event. Didn’t think I would be a snail mucus fan, but here I am.”

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