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A 76-Year-Old Wellness Expert's Secret To Glowing Skin

By Brie Schmidt

Fashion designer and healthy aging guru Norma Kamali couldn't care less about trends. For her, timelessness will always trump gone-in-a-flash fads. And maybe that's why she's had such a long, thriving career in the fashion industry. Kamali, who started designing apparel in 1969, told The Cut that she didn't want to become a big name in fashion, only to disappear shortly after — a pattern she noticed in many of her peers. To remain relevant decade after decade, she makes "clothes that are timeless, that function, that serve a purpose, and that make people happy and feel good about themselves."

Her approach to skincare echoes these ideas, with timelessness being key for Kamali. Maybe that's why the 76-year-old doesn't look a day over 50. Though TikTok may be flooded with the latest skincare and beauty trends, Kamali prefers a no-fuss routine. She told The Beauty School podcast that she used to take over two hours to get ready in the morning, but now she believes simpler is better, saying, "The more you simplify, the better you look."

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