Fashion Icon Norma Kamali On Her New Home Collection, Side Hustles And Hot Pants

By Amy Shoenthal

People spending more time at home than ever before has paved the way for the “home as a sanctuary” trend. As more people turn to their homes as cross functional spaces, some have gotten creative about how they view those spaces. Iconic fashion designer Norma Kamali started turning her home into a retreat in the early days of the pandemic. She found herself clutching a pillow to relieve stress and find comfort. She even created a movement on social media called #HugAPillow.

She eventually harnessed her creative energy to design her own oversized pillow, a versatile piece that can be used for meditation, relaxing and retreating into any room. I spoke with Kamali just after last month’s launch to reflect on her pandemic experience and what moved her from designing for the runway to the home.

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