Norma Kamali Fall 2024

By Emily Mercer

Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Flipboard Share this article on Pin It If you’re going to buy three items from Norma Kamali’s fall collection, let it be one of her strong reversible coats, a black turtleneck catsuit and a black belt, to tie it all together.
During a showroom preview, Kamali cited those pieces, and their variations throughout fall, as her key items of the season. Not just because they looked good, but because the versatile styles were part of her mindset around shopping smart. The idea extended into lengthy wrappable scarves, crossover essential bags and cozy tube scarves that topped off the collection’s simple yet sartorial dress that’s cozy and strong.
“I did this collection because I wanted it to kind of anchor this year and what’s going to happen in the first year after we have another election, so that people could feel grounded but still feel happy,” she said. “In the end, I really thought that if we just really think about how much does a person need to buy and the idea of shopping smart, not meaning boring, but smart, and getting those pieces that transform everything in your wardrobe if you want them to. We’re always thinking about sustainability and easy care; multipurpose styles are key for this.”

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