Norma Kamali’s Skin Care Routine Is All About Simplicity and Self-Care

By Calin Van Paris

Norma Kamali has always been ahead of the curve (or carving it out said curve herself). Since 1967, the 76-year-old designer has played in the arena of conceptual fashion, ‘70s camping trip-inspired sleeping bag coats, ‘80s sweatsuits paving the supremely comfortable path toward athleisure, and ‘90s e-commerce options offering a foundation for the present-tense world of online retail. Style aside, Kamali is also a vanguard of the beauty-as-wellness space, her focus on holistic self-care beginning well before Y2K. With a lifestyle brand that includes The Skinline from Normalife (crafted with inclusivity in mind), Kamali is all about plant-based, multi-purpose products meant to simplify your everyday routine.

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