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Fashion icon Norma Kamali wants to change the way women look at aging with new book, 'I Am Invincible'

By: Tamsen Fadal, Juan Carlos Molina

When it comes to purpose in life, Norma Kamali has never doubted hers.

"Doing things for women was really a natural, joyous experience for me," said Kamali.

Kamali is a fashion icon, perhaps known best for her sleeping bag coats and that famous red swimsuit that Farrah Fawcett donned in the 1970s. Today, she is 75 years old, newly engaged and now, an author. Her book is appropriately titled "I Am Invincible."

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Talking Body with Amy Porterfield

Women of a Certain Ag‪e

On today's episode Amy confronts one of her biggest fears: getting older. Later, fashion legend Norma Kamali tells Amy why she plans to live to 120, and lets her in on a few secrets she's picked up along her 75 years.


Unplug Podcast

I Am Invincible: Your Guide to Aging with Power with Norma Kamal‪i‬

This week on The Unplug Podcast, fashion icon Norma Kamali reveals the juicy details of her latest book, I Am Invincible.

In the pages of I Am Invincible, Norma lays out a decade-by-decade guide to aging with power. Only 75 years old herself, Norma plans to live to be 120 and is loving every minute of it. From the best life-extending snacks, to skin care secrets, to priceless insight from Norma's very own experiences, you won't want miss this must-have guide to loving every age and every stage of your life!


The Morning Toast

Norma Kamali on The Morning Toast: Friday, February 19, 2021

“Legendary fashion designer Norma Kamali joins Jackie and Claudia Oshry from The Morning Toast to discuss her new book, the state of the fashion industry, and post-Covid living. Her book Invincible is out now.”

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Norma Kamali’s 8 Truths for Loving Yourself, Staying Relevant, and ‘Aging with Power’


“At 75, Norma Kamali seems both like a life sage and someone who is still blooming. It’s not just that Kamali’s work as a venerable fashion designer has given the world a surge of authentic creativity for the past five decades. (Kamali’s designs, which include the famous sleeping bag coat, have always defied trends and age-expectation.)”

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Red swimsuit designer Norma Kamali on famous Farrah Fawcett poster: '[Boys] remember it as if it were a badge of honor to manhood'

By Lyndsey Parker

“Pioneering fashion designer Norma Kamali has, at 75 years young, just released I Am Invincible, a “handbook for women” that, along with self-care tips for navigating any decade of life, chronicles her decades of creating looks for some of pop culture’s greatest style icons. ”

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Glam Squad Confidential

"Fashion icon Norma Kamali reveals the dress Elvis Presley bought for every girlfriend, the real story behind Hollywood’s favorite coat, the reason why she found love at 65 and exactly how to age in power."

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Marni on the Mov‪e‬

144. Fashion Icon Norma Kamali On Aging With Power, Pillars of A Healthy Lifestyle & The Trailblazing Design Along The Wa‪y‬

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Fashion Legend Norma Kamali's 'Handbook on Aging With Power'

By Emily Bobrow

After decades in an industry obsessed with youth, the designer writes in her new book that 'you can feel better and be better with age'

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At 28, Norma Kamali Risked Her Career To Leave A Bad Marriage

By Raquel Laneri

In Bustle’s Q&A series 28, successful women describe exactly what their lives looked like when they were 28 — what they wore, where they worked, what stressed them out most, and what, if anything, they would do differently. Here, iconic designer Norma Kamali remembers the early years of her career, risking it all to leave a bad marriage, and finding love almost 50 years later.

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How I Built This with Guy Raz

When Norma Kamali studied fashion illustration in the 1960s, she never expected to become a designer. So when a job as an airline clerk came along, she was glad to accept it—along with the perk of dirt-cheap flights from New York to London. On those weekend trips abroad, she discovered fashion that was exuberant and eye-catching, so she started loading her suitcase with clothing to sell in the U.S. By the 1970s, she was designing her own pieces out of a shop in New York; soon she was selling them to celebrities like Cher and Bette Midler. Today, after more than 50 years in the fashion industry, Norma Kamali is known for iconic designs like the sleeping bag coat, and the bold red bathing popularized by Farah Fawcett.


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Trade Your Sweatshirt for This High-Fashion Trick

By Katharine K. Zarrella

How cocooning—or wrapping up in swathes of fabulous fabric—can kelp you kick the Covid blues

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Dressing for Dinner When Dinner Is in a Frigid Curbside Yurt

By Henry Alford

Norma Kamali’s sleeping-bag coat, worn by Lady Gaga and Rihanna, is a far cry from today’s wearable bedrolls, which make you feel like a boil-in-bag vegetable.

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Designer Norma Kamali on 53 Years in the Fashion Industry: 'I've Reinvented Myself Along the Way'

By Colleen Kratofil

In 1976, Norma Kamali left her ex-husband and business partner to create her own label, OMO Norma Kamali, which stood for "on my own"

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Are Blankets the New Going-Out Accessory?

By Lane Florsheim

From Sarah Jessica Parker’s monogrammed Burberry poncho to Norma Kamali’s Sleeping Bag Coat, fashion has long embraced blanket-inspired styles. During a time when most socializing takes place outdoors, would you wear one outside the house?

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