Norma Kamali Resort 2022

By Emily Mercer

Norma Kamali balanced the ideas of uniform dress with one-of-a-kind, playfully eccentric fashions for resort.

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Norma Kamali Resort 2022

By Laird Borrelli-Persson

Norma Kamali’s not angling to return to the way things were pre-pandemic; instead she’s looking forward to crafting a future using the lessons of lockdown. This designer’s key takeaway is that comfort is here to stay. “You have to feel casual [in] dressy and you have to feel special in casual, and that mix is where the magic is,” she said.

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Fashion designer Norma Kamali talks swimwear for any age, top trends and more

By Jacqueline Laurean Yates

It's swimsuit season, and if there's anyone who knows how to speak to the famed beach essential, it's none other than Norma Kamali. The iconic fashion designer has been setting trends for more than 50 years, and has crafted extraordinary looks for everyone from Cher to Diana Ross.

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The Designer Of Farrah Fawcett's Iconic Red Bathing Suit Explained Why She Was "Horrified" When She Saw The Photo

By Alex Gurley

Farrah Fawcett's iconic red bathing suit photo is now a part of pop culture history, but there's one person who really didn't like the image when it first came out.

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Perhaps It's Time to Redefine Classic Style

By Gina Marinelli

Classic style can stand the test of time, but the makings are often as unique as each person you’d ask to define it. Among a sample of seven fashion insiders — designers, stylists, content creators, and more — are seven perspectives on what actually constitutes classic and timeless fashion. The findings challenge the idea that obvious basics — trench coats and white tees — make the cut (although, for some, they sure do!) and help redefine “classic” as any piece of clothing that speaks to your truest sense of personal style.

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Aging with Power with Fashion Icon and Author Norma Kamali

At 75 years old, fashion designer Norma Kamali continues to innovate and create impact in the industry. Discover how she has self-funded her business with no debt and her secret to creating and selling bestselling designs. Her new book is called I Am Invincible, a mantra for women taking them through every decade of their journey and guiding them into how to live their best, healthiest and most fulfilling life.

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Norma Kamali: "Sono invincibile! A 75 anni mi risposo e non mi fermo qui"

By Carole Hillac

A 75 anni, l’iconica designer e guru del benessere guida il suo brand, è in piena forma (riesce anche a fare la spaccata) e a un passo dallo sposare un uomo conosciuto a 65 anni. In questa intervista ci racconta la sua storia, i suoi successi e i suoi segreti. "Ci sono tre pilastri per il benessere: la dieta, l’esercizio fisico e il sonno. E da quando ho compiuto i 50 non mi trucco più"

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The Secret to Finding the Perfect Swimsuit

By Dana Avidan Cohn

Swim season is officially here, and if you don't shop early, all the best ones are sold out by June. We want to purchase suits now that are well-constructed, comfortable, and on trend. What better way to get advice on creating the ultimate swim wardrobe than straight from the designers themselves?

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Norma talks about the importance of dressing up in what makes you happy! Take a look.

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An IG Live Conversation with Norma Kamali + Sophia Amoruso

Check out our Revolve IG LIVE with entrepreneur & founder of Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso. We talk about everything from my new book, finding success, advice + more!

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Lizzo Celebrates The Success Of Her Album 'Cuz I Love You' In Slinky Norma Kamali Dress

By Ashley Joy Parker

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Norma Kamali on Living Your Best Life at Every Age

By Tatiana Bido

Her new book I Am Invincible may sound like a declaration of her own 50-year history in an industry with a short attention span, but 75-year-old legendary fashion designer Norma Kamali penned the original manuscript as a gift to a friend on her 50th birthday. “I gave her a small leather-bound Moleskine notebook with my ‘50 Tips on Turning 50!’ I was amazed at the reaction. I received texts, emails and follow-up calls from many of the party guests asking me to make my book available.” That book has now evolved into a gift for all women with advice and encouragement for conquering every stage of life. “This is my gift to you,” she writes. “Sleep, diet and exercise are my ‘Three Pillars.’” Here, she looks back on how those three pillars have helped her remain effortlessly ageless, decade after decade.

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Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali is a fashion designer, wellness expert, and author of her new book "I Am Invincible," which empowers women to embrace aging. At age 75, Norma's career has spanned five decades, during which she's become best known for the sleeping bag coat, the red swimsuit worn by Farrah Fawcett, and creating an athleisure line before athleisure was a thing. And she says her best years are still ahead.

Jennifer invites Norma on the show to bond over their shared belief that turning 50 is the most liberating experience for women. Norma shares her secret to staying creative, how she plans on living until age 120, and the importance of always looking forward. Plus, Jennifer and Norma discuss how women's fashion has changed through the years, and how they think it will look after more than a year of sweatpants and sneakers in the pandemic.

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Introducing: Norma Kamali

In episode 5 of “Alive in the Archive,” we had the honor of sitting down and discussing archiving and the preservation of legacy with the innovative and invincible, @normakamali. She shares her experience with purging her own archive in order to create a blank canvas for creativity, as well as advice for the next generation on how to harness your power as a woman.

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You Can’t Prescribe Passion (Feat. Norma Kamali‪)‬

On today’s Token CEO, Erika is joined by fashion icon and generational designer, Norma Kamali. The two talk making the most of every chapter of your life, taking chances, and not letting your age define you.

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By Anna Guaita

La stilista Norma Kamali ha attraversato la storia della moda e della società: dal mitico costume di Farrah Fawcett all’iconico sleeping bag coat esposto anche al Moma Ora 75enne spiega i suoi segreti di invincibilità: "Ci si deve amare per sentirsi bene"

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Grit & Grace

Norma Kamali on Survival Instincts & Protecting 53 years of Her Creative Visio‪n

With: Melissa Kiguwa

In the twenty-fourth episode of Grit & Grace, entrepreneur and host Melissa Kiguwa talks to iconic fashion designer Norma Kamali about her survival instinct and perseverance. Norma is best known for popularizing shoulder pads in the 80s; designing the red one-piece bathing suit worn by Farrah Fawcett in Farrah's famous 1976 poster, as well as, the bathing suit worn by Whitney Houston on the back cover of her 1985 debut album; and designing the popular Sleeping Bag Coat.



Fashion icon Norma Kamali’s book reveals how she looks young at 75

By Kirsten Fleming

Norma Kamali has been a trailblazing force in women’s fashion — designing bold looks (including the ones she models in this article).

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Business Of Fashion

Norma Kamali on Rebelliousness, Creativity and How She Made a Lasting Business

After the release of her new book, I Am Invincible, designer Norma Kamali sat down with BoF’s chief correspondent Lauren Sherman to talk about the inception of her brand, its evolving purpose and plan, creativity and ageing.



Norma Kamali Was Told That She Would Meet Her Soulmate at 65… It Turned Out to Be True

Norma Kamali is a fashion mogul and icon. She is one of the most influential women in fashion with a career spanning five decades. Her designs have been worn by everyone from the late Farrah Fawcett to Beyoncé and Rihanna. Norma joins us to talk about life at 75, her new book and announcing the engagement to her longtime partner.

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Personal Power with a Side of Popcor‪n

With: Cynthia Rowley and Kit Keenan

This week on Ageless, we sit down with iconic American designer Norma Kamali. We get to chat about equal parts fashion and wellness, our two favorite discussion topics! Norma dishes the diet secrets that have kept her glowing and healthy at 75 as well as insider stories about her rise to fashion infamy. We hope you love this episode as much as we did.


Pix 11

Fashion icon Norma Kamali wants to change the way women look at aging with new book, 'I Am Invincible'

By: Tamsen Fadal, Juan Carlos Molina

When it comes to purpose in life, Norma Kamali has never doubted hers.

"Doing things for women was really a natural, joyous experience for me," said Kamali.

Kamali is a fashion icon, perhaps known best for her sleeping bag coats and that famous red swimsuit that Farrah Fawcett donned in the 1970s. Today, she is 75 years old, newly engaged and now, an author. Her book is appropriately titled "I Am Invincible."

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Talking Body with Amy Porterfield

Women of a Certain Ag‪e

On today's episode Amy confronts one of her biggest fears: getting older. Later, fashion legend Norma Kamali tells Amy why she plans to live to 120, and lets her in on a few secrets she's picked up along her 75 years.


Unplug Podcast

I Am Invincible: Your Guide to Aging with Power with Norma Kamal‪i‬

This week on The Unplug Podcast, fashion icon Norma Kamali reveals the juicy details of her latest book, I Am Invincible.

In the pages of I Am Invincible, Norma lays out a decade-by-decade guide to aging with power. Only 75 years old herself, Norma plans to live to be 120 and is loving every minute of it. From the best life-extending snacks, to skin care secrets, to priceless insight from Norma's very own experiences, you won't want miss this must-have guide to loving every age and every stage of your life!


The Morning Toast

Norma Kamali on The Morning Toast: Friday, February 19, 2021

“Legendary fashion designer Norma Kamali joins Jackie and Claudia Oshry from The Morning Toast to discuss her new book, the state of the fashion industry, and post-Covid living. Her book Invincible is out now.”

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Norma Kamali’s 8 Truths for Loving Yourself, Staying Relevant, and ‘Aging with Power’


“At 75, Norma Kamali seems both like a life sage and someone who is still blooming. It’s not just that Kamali’s work as a venerable fashion designer has given the world a surge of authentic creativity for the past five decades. (Kamali’s designs, which include the famous sleeping bag coat, have always defied trends and age-expectation.)”

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