Liquid Cinnamon Tooth Soap: Tooth Soap® power washes teeth and gums removing contaminants naturally and easily. The non-abrasive, deep cleaning formula leaves teeth silky smooth and freshens the mouth. Drop directly into mouth and brush as you normally would. Rinse well.
Shelf life: 2 years
2 OZ / 59 ML

Does not contain any genetically modified ingredients. Concentrated, economical non-toxic, no added glycerin & fluoride-free. Feel a difference after the first brushing guaranteed. Made in the USA, sustainable ingredients, no palm oil, gluten free facility. Recommended by dentists and health experts.

Citrus Powdered Tooth Swish: Neutralize acids, freshen breath and bathe teeth in minerals all in one easy step. Use after eating or in between meals if you cannot brush. Brings the mouth flora back into a neutral, balanced state.
Shelf life: 2 years
2 OZ / 59 ML


Liquid Cinnamon Tooth Soap: Saponified organic extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil, H2O, organic and/or wild-crafted essential oil

Citrus Powdered Tooth Swish: Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, bicarbonate of soda, above the sea bed coral calcium from the Caribbean, wildcrafted and/or organic essential oils


Gabriala Brown is a web pioneer that began a health coaching business online back in 1998 and led a large group to better health and wellness. Gabriala utilized her background in food technology, collaborating with a scientist and formulating Tooth Soap®, her patented product that has been in commerce since 2003. Gabriala states that non-toxic living begins in the mouth and uses intuitive understanding of the body and the entire personality to help grow healthy connections within. Gabriala creates non-toxic and sustainable products with a focus on preserving health and the planet.

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