Norma Kamali's Home Collection Launched With This Multipurpose Piece

By Ashley Tibbets

Designer Norma Kamali has been synonymous with cozy-yet-impossibly-chic clothing (her “sleeping bag coat” and sweats are forever iconic) for decades, and her latest endeavor brings that same concept to your interior decor. June 15 marks the launch of Norma Kamali home collection, NORMALIFE HOME, and while the line is only kicking off with one product, it’s something multipurpose enough for every kind of space: An oversized pillow.

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Designer Norma Kamali Created The Only Pillow You'll Ever Need

By Angela Tafoya

Designer Norma Kamali has been a driving force in fashion since the ‘60s, creating pieces that are innovative, functional, and aim to empower and embolden those who wear them. Her perspective is celebrated for its expertise and purpose and spans categories like podcasts, skincare, and wellness. Suffice to say, she’s an icon.

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Norma Kamali has designed a pillow and–of course–it's made of swimsuit fabric

By Vanessa Lawrence

In 1976, the actress Farrah Fawcett was photographed for a poster wearing a sizzling red one-piece swimsuit, her tousled blond waves cascading over her shoulders, her wide smile blinding. The image has since become iconic and so, too, has the designer of the suit in question, Norma Kamali, a fashion veteran who, over the course of 53 years, has become known for her innovative, prescient creations like sleeping bag coats (worn by doormen at Studio 54, no less) and high-heeled sneakers. This month, Kamali is expanding her deep familiarity with bathing suits to characteristically unexpected territory: She is launching a home line whose pieces are covered in swimwear fabrics.

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The Invincible Norma Kamali

By Dr. Chris E. Stout

Norma has done some much for others while she lives her life in full, and making the world a better place with her sharing of wisdom, her kindness and her generosity of spirit.

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Fashion Designer Norma Kamali Launches a Home Collection

By Shivani Vora

NORMALIFE HOME debuts in June with a bold line of hip pieces for total at-home relaxation

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The BEST Advice For Your Twenties, Thirties, And So On...with Norma Kamali

This week I am joined by the coolest woman you'll ever meet - Norma Kamali, one of my favorite fashion designers is 75 years young and has the best advice for us women no matter what decade of our life we're in. We talk about being invincible at every age with healthy habits, connection, and intimacy. You are going to love her!

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Norma Kamali

In this episode of “Four Courses”, Geoffrey Zakarian speaks with his good friend, fashion designer Norma Kamali. Norma shares priceless stories from her 50 years of cultural observation, her thoughts on staying timeless and relevant, and of course, her unique health and wellness tips. Also, Norma outlines the powerful philosophy behind her new book “I Am Invincible”.

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Norma Kamali's AM/PM Routine

Iconic fashion designer, founder of beauty brand Normakamalife and poster woman for the benefits of healthy living, NORMA KAMALI shares her passion for dancing, raw food and acupuncture facelifts – and her secret to still looking glowing at the end of the day

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Town & Country

Should We All Be Drinking Olive Oil?

By: April Long

Suddenly, the ancient elixir is being hailed as the ultimate beauty treatment.

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Norma Kamali On What She's Learned About Beauty In Her 70+ Years (& How She Gets That Glow!)

The iconic fashion, beauty, and wellness maven Norma Kamali recently released a new book, I Am Invincible. Part memoir, part advice, part collection of inspiration, the tome is a must-read for anyone who is interested in longevity, creativity, passion, and purpose. Here, an excerpt on her relationship with beauty.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Take Five with Patricia Sheridan and ... Norma Kamali


“Fashion icon Norma Kamali continues to make a difference in women’s lives. This time it is with a new book, “I Am Invincible” (Harry N. Abrams, $31.29).”

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Norma Kamali On Commodified Wellness, Sweatpants, And Planning A Wedding At 75


“The designer's new book 'I Am Invincible' celebrates the beauty of every stage of life.”

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Vanities / My Stuff

On the advent of her new book, Norma Kamali: I Am Invincible, the beloved designer shares her streamlined life.

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7 Life Lessons I Learned From My Zoom Date With Norma Kamali

By Laura Lajiness

...after a few hours of preparation and a 45-minute Zoom call with Norma (yes, we’re on a first-name basis) to discuss her just-released book, I Am Invincible, I felt like I came out of an enlightening therapy session—one where deliberate anecdotes and personalized advice transcended my self-doubting state of mind to a more invincible one.

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7 Things Norma Kamali Says to Do Now

New York Times

Norma Kamali’s Skin Care and Aging Secrets

By Bee Shapiro

“I just don’t feel gray,” the fashion designer said. “I feel this.”

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The Cut

How This Fashion Designer Gets Her Skin So Good

By Daise Bedolla

Norma Kamali is eager to share her wisdom. The New York–based fashion designer, who is perhaps best known for her Sleeping Bag coats, says part of her life’s purpose at 75 is to pass on everything she knows. That’s why she wrote her first book, I Am Invincible, which is available today.

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Harper's Bazaar

Words To Live By

At 75, designer Norma Kamali could pass for decades younger, but it hasn't been from luck alone. She was an early adopter of infrared saunas, Gyrokinesis, acupuncture facials, and plant-based eating. Kamali's tips are all outlined in her memoir, I Am Invincible (Abrams), out this month.

The Today Show with Hoda and Jenna

Norma Kamali on her career and being engaged at 75

Fashion icon Norma Kamali joins Hoda and Jenna for a virtual chat from her New York City office about her book, “I Am Invincible,” in which she shares health and wellness secrets for every decade of her life.

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Beyond The Beauty with Bobbi Brown

Fashion Icon and Wellness Guru Norma Kamal‪i

Norma Kamali has been a fashion designer for over 50 years—and while you've probably seen her famous red bathing suit on Farrah Fawcett and iconic sleeping bag coat, those legendary designs only scratch the surface. Norma is also a wellness expert, an author, the founder of her own skincare line, and so much more. This week, she joins Bobbi to talk about aging with power, finding her soulmate at 65, and how her daily routine works from the inside out to keep her healthy and beautiful.



Norma Kamali on Her New Book and the Future of Wellness

By James Manso

Designer Norma Kamali chronicled her lifelong journey with wellness in her new book, "I Am Invincible."

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The Departures

Inside Norma Kamali's Minimalist West Village Apartment

By Alessandra Codinha

When fashion designer Norma Kamali and her partner, Marty Edelman, moved into their new West Village apartment a year ago, they weren’t quite sure what to do with all the space. “Marty said, ‘How can you take a four-bedroom apartment and make it into a one-bedroom apartment?!’ ” Kamali says from her aerie at 160 Leroy, an architectural marvel that overlooks the Hudson River...

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How to Be a (Very) Hot 74

With Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill

She’s gorgeous, lithe, glowy, and full of energy, but never make the mistake of telling designer Norma Kamali she doesn’t look seventy-four. “This is what it looks like,” she said as she folded her long legs into a chair at goop’s Beauty Closet podcast studio. “People think it’s a compliment to say you don’t look your age, but you’d never say, ‘You don’t look Lebanese,’ would you? I want to people to open up about their age—age is not a bad thing.” Listening to Kamali’s strategy for looking and feeling fantastic—it involves alternative therapies aplenty, clean skin care, acupuncture facials, copious exercise, lots of dancing, even more olive oil, and finding her soul mate at sixty-five—is about as inspiring as it gets..

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Fashion Designer Norma Kamali Launches Clean Skincare Line

By Rachel Marlowe

CFDA award-winning fashion designer Norma Kamali pioneered the concept of athleisure wear in the 1980s, was an early adapter of green juice, raw food diets and employee meditation sessions, and opened a wellness boutique and juice bar in her midtown Manhattan boutique in 2007 (for reference — that was the year before Goop launched). Now, the 73-year-old (whose fans include Rita Ora, Beyoncé, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus) is launching NormaLife The Skinline, a democratic collection of four clean, unisex face and body products designed for all skin types, colors, and ages...

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Norma Kamali Doesn’t Want Investment Money or a Makeover

By Jennifer G. Sullivan

Fashion designer Norma Kamali has been in business for more than five decades, and her entrepreneurial drive is still going strong. Her newest brand, NormaLife, will include a skincare collection and products focused on healthy living (specifically, three pillars: sleep, diet, and exercise) are on the way. Here, she shares the business, branding, and beauty lessons she’s learned over so many years as a woman of power, purpose, and style...

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