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The Special Meaning Behind Carrie’s Blue Dress From ‘And Just Like That...’

By Emma Childs

One of the most memorable style moments from Sex and the City was the slinky, gray bodycon dress worn by Carrie Bradshaw, aka Sarah Jessica Parker, in Season 2, episode 15. (You may know the formfitting number as the “Carrie dress.”) The surprisingly understated look became a cult favorite for fans. And according to recent photos of Parker, who wore a similar dress while filming And Just Like That..., the curve-hugging silhouette will be revived for the show’s reboot. Parker’s new “Carrie dress” is Norma Kamali’s Diana Gown. And as opposed to the party girl spirit of Carrie’s ensemble from Season 2, her new outfit reflects a more mature and evolved fashion aesthetic.

“I think Carrie Bradshaw is iconically linked to the fashions that represent the show’s original time period, which was playful, feminine, and timeless. But [Parker] has a different body now and is aging with power,” Norma Kamali says to TZR. “I think the draping and the color of the Diana Gown matches her energy as Carrie now.”

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